Developmental Optometry

Developmental or Behavioural optometry is optometric care devoted to developing, improving and enhancing your visual performance.
Babies develop their motor skills by crawling, standing, walking with assistance and then walking alone. A similar process from gross to fine motor control takes place in the development of vision.
In a similar way we build our visual skills, one on another, step by step. However, many people miss a step or don’t complete a step when they are developing their basic visual skills.
Developing visual skills includes learning to use both eyes together efficiently. When both eyes move, align, fixate and focus as a team your ability to interpret and understand the visual information available to you is enhanced.

Vision is the most important of all our senses in the learning process. Over 85% of all we ever learn originates by sight.
Many children who are under achieving at school will have ‘passed’ a simple test of their distance vision. This often creates a false sense of security amongst parents, who no longer suspect visual difficulties.
Not only do visual problems affect reading, they can also affect handwriting, spelling and sport.

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